Choosing A Builder

Choosing A Builder



Our number one focus is on our client – you.

The building process can take several months to a year, or more, to complete. A good builder relationship will include regular communication and require a high level of trust from all parties. We were pleased to receive this message from one of our clients -

"Unique homes, unique service. The Bellamy Homes team not only designed and built the home of our dreams; they also guided us through the process using a project management style that is second to none and with constant and ongoing communications throughout, even while we were out of the country.”
Homeowners -Dan and Maryann

Standards and Craftsmanship

It’s very important to find out what products the builder uses and when you compare quotes, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. All the components of your home can come in at different price points and in varying quality. What may appear as a cost-savings now, may not be over the life of the home.

It is equally important to know what the builder’s standards are for the work that you won’t see once the house is complete. We’re very particular about the ‘bones’ of our new home projects. We hold ourselves and our subtrades and suppliers to the highest standards from excavation to final finishing. One of our long-term suppliers had this to say-

“We’re incredibly proud to be a part of the team at Bellamy Homes. Les is a builder that is present, involved and extremely organized. His process and communications are detailed and his sites are clean and organized.”
- Shelley Small, owner of Smalls Tile and Flooring



Experience and Reputation

A home is one of the most highly complex products manufactured by hand. It involves hundreds of parts, many people and several skill levels. Experience matters.

Bellamy Homes is an established home building company in the Kelowna area for the last ten years. We are a team of professionals, each bringing their own knowledge, abilities and passion to the job! We seek out and develop long-term relationships with our consultants, suppliers and subtrades.

We’re extremely proud of the reputation that we establish with our clients. We are there for them throughout the building process and beyond.