Q. Why use Bellamy Homes to design our home?

A. Les Bellamy, the owner of Bellamy Homes, is a multi-award winning Home Designer and Builder. He works with you from first ‘concept’ to completing the full working construction drawings. His decades of hands-on construction knowledge, paired with strong design ability ensures your home will be as cost effective as possible while maintaining the integrity of your vision. Bellamy Homes offers a seamless transition from design to build, which eliminates many of the errors and cost overruns associated with custom home building.

Q. Must we use Bellamy Homes to both design and build our home?

A. No. You can use any qualified residential home designer or architect.

Q. How long does it take to build a new home?

A. Typically, the construction cycle for homes under $1 million ranges from six to eight months. This will of course vary with the details of the site, the time of year, the size and complexity of the home, and to some degree, on the finishing details that you choose. Upon review of your home design we will present an exact timeline.

Q. How much per square foot does it cost to build a home?

A. In one form or another, this question is one of the most frequent we receive and it is also one of the few questions we cannot answer very specifically. Ask yourself how much a vacation, a wedding dress, a car costs? They all contain so many variables that it is impossible for anyone to answer accurately without more information. The same is true when calculating the cost to build a new home. A change in the level of finish will ultimately affect the cost per square foot. There are many variables which we’ll need to discuss with you. Our approach is to look at homes we have built previously that fall into your range, to help determine if your budget is reasonable and work from there.

Q. We are on a tight budget. Can you guarantee we won’t go over it?

A. No, no one can. But we can guarantee that you will always know if, and by how much, you are exceeding your budget. You will always be in control. When we put together a budget for the construction of your home, some of the numbers are derived from fixed quotes, historical or scientific data, and other numbers can only be estimated. The comfort we can promise you: you will always know if, when, and by how much you are varying from the initial estimated budget.

Q. Can we use our own suppliers, sub-contractors or trades? Can we do the work ourselves?

A. Yes, but we strongly recommend that you don’t. There can be serious implications to your new home warranty, insurance and site safety. We have built long-term relationships with experienced suppliers and contractors that are highly reliable in their quality of service, level of craftsmanship, sharp pricing and adherence to project schedules.

Q. Can we visit the site during construction?

A. The answers is a qualified yes! You will be meeting with us at several intervals in the construction process and you are welcome to visit outside of these times. We ask that you visit after work hours on both weekdays and weekends and remember that you will be visiting a potentially dangerous site. To this end, we require a waiver of liability to be signed by you before visiting unescorted.