Our process

our process



Home design is the first step to making your dream home a reality. Les Bellamy, CEO of Bellamy Homes is the principal designer. He has designed over 200 homes in the Okanagan Valley. While each home is unique, the overall design process follows the same process. The result is a full set of working construction documents and permit drawings.

Your input, at the beginning of the design stage is critical. Utilizing a design questionnaire, we ask questions that reflect your needs, desires and lifestyle. We’ll encourage you to set up a free account on houzz.com and create idea books. Be sure to add Bellamy Homes as a collaborator and label your idea books with your name and room/area. This becomes an invaluable tool for sharing your style tastes with our team.

We know that it’s important to our clients to understand how their initial ideas turn into a completed design. So we’ve created this article to give you more clarity in the process. Read more...


Building a new home is a complex process, with many details. While each home is unique, the overall building process follows the same stages. As an experienced builder, our team is well-versed in what needs to be done and fully understand the sequence of events. We think that it’s also valuable to explain our process to our clients so that they are informed. By outlining our procedures, our hope is to further assist them in building their new home.

The first stage is to sign the building contract and remit your deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit, we will begin working with you to create your home design. If you already have construction drawings from another architect or designer, our team will start working on opening your new home warranty account, finalizing applicable engineering and preparing and submitting the building permit applications.

We think that the actual construction of the home is not only the most important part of the process, but the most exciting as well! Here’s an overview of how Bellamy Homes will build your home.



Project Management

Bellamy Homes prides themselves in having strong experience in the construction of homes. Equally important to those skills, is their high level of project management. Our Project Manager orchestrates all facets of the construction process, from scheduling of the various trades, overseeing the budget, to ensuring that the home completes on time. A detailed construction schedule is written and followed for every build, with each trade scheduled days or weeks in advance of the actual work. Time is carefully allotted for completion of each trade’s contribution to your home. Expect some days during construction of your home when it appears as though nothing is happening. Sometimes one trade completes its work ahead of schedule. The next trade already has an assigned time slot, which usually cannot be changed on short notice. Progress also pauses while the home awaits building department inspections. This is part of the normal sequence of the construction schedule and occurs at several points in every home.

Our clients appreciate that we discuss with them how this process will unfold for their new home build. Here’s a synopsis of what we talk about.